Hi, I'm Christy Hill.

My love for animals extends all the way back to when I was a little girl.
All animals, but especially... horses.

Finally, when I was about 12, my neighbor Margaret Pursell started taking me to the barn where she kept her horse. It was a boarding barn and I would do just about anything for people to allow me to ride their horse!

I started taking lessons with a former event rider Elizabeth McClarin. Soon after, I joined the Iron Bridge Pony Club and started learning everything there is to know about horses and caring for them. I would work at the farm on weekends and basically spent all day in the summer there… every kid’s dream right?!

Circa 1999, I became a working student of Nataile Hollis at Waters Edge Farm. After a few years competing with her, I took a job in Leesburg, VA working at a TB breeding farm helping get the babies ready for high-end yearling sales.

By 2002, I wanted to get back into riding so I took a job working for 5* eventer, Sharon White. I was a part of her team doing everything imaginable… from grooming to competing to riding client horses!

Eventually, I started my own training and sales barn but when the market crashed in 2008, I turned to freelancing and traveling to help anyone that needed equestrian services.

After getting married and moving to Georgia, in 2014, I started caring for a 100 acre farm, as well as riding and helping with the Bear Creek Hounds. 

After getting relocated to Botswana Africa in 2018, I rode for the Inter-Africa Cup on the Show Jumping and Dressage team, achieving individual Silver in Jumping and Team Gold in Show Jumping, and Team Bronze in Dressage.

Africa is also where I got started with MagnaWave, using this technology to help horses and riders.

Certified MagnaWave Practitioner Christy and her husband with their two daughters. Offering PEMF Therapy and equine services in Virginia.
Certified MagnaWave Practitioner Christy Hill and her husband with their two daughters.

Professional Equine Services in Virginia

How Can I Help?

  • Lessons $50

    Private lessons, group lessons, cross-country schooling, and coaching at events and shows.

  • Training & Exercise Rides $40/hr

    Backing young horses, training rides to further horse's education or address problems.

  • Grooming & Clipping $100

    Body clipping, no legs, no head (travel expense may apply). Other services available as well.

  • Barn Work Call

    Stall Cleaning, Feed, Turnout, and other services available, inquire for details.

  • PEMF Therapy Session $55

    30 minutes, first session is free!